Re-Write Deadline Looming for level 1 REs

Those who qualify for the extension to write and pass the regulatory exams before the end of March 2013, need to heed the final date for registration.

Wednesday, 6 March, is the last day to register should you wish to write at one of our satellite venues on 28 March. (This also happens to be a long weekend.) To write at one of our four permanent venues, the final day for registration is 13 March.

Moonstone requires 15 working days to ensure that logistics are in place to deliver the examinations successfully at SATELITE venues, hence the closing date for registration early in March.

We require 10 working days to ensure that logistics are in place to deliver the examinations successfully at our PERMANENT CENTRES (Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town).

Payment needs to be made within 24 hours after registration; This will be strictly enforced.

Many qualifying candidates, who have written the REs a few times, have opted to make use of the FSB/Inseta initiative to attend preparation workshops. Please do not wait until it is too late. Decide when you want to write, and register. This will allow you to plan your study roster.

Please note that those who did not qualify for the extension, or fail to pass before the end of March deadline, will technically no longer be fit and proper, but can write at any stage. When they pass, they can apply for the lifting of the suspension of their licence.

An interesting development is the substantial number of enquiries we receive from people not in the industry, or who are, but are not required to write the REs. Most of these see the exams as an important addendum to their CVs when looking for employment in the industry, or seeking advancement. Quite a few of these are people in administrative positions, or people with industry experience, but who are no longer in the industry.

Best wishes to all those still in the process.

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