RE Registration Problems

The good news is that marking of papers happens a lot faster than in the days when the whole industry was writing.

We are currently experiencing problems with candidates who register for the wrong examinations. Imagine arriving at the venue, only to find that there is no paper for you, or that the paper that is available is not the exam you came to write.

The numbering of the examinations has proved to be a problem all along. Candidates confuse the Level 1 regulatory exams with the number of the exam they are due to write. Representatives often book for the RE 1, which is of course the key individual exam. They only discover this once they receive their paper.

The FSB ruling on this is very clear: It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she is registered for the correct examination. Neither the FSB nor any Examination Body will be held liable if a candidate registers for and takes the incorrect examination.

The conditions laid down by the FSB also require that we draw papers as per the registered candidates for a particular session. This means that there are no extra papers available. In cases like the one mentioned above, it leaves the candidate with no option but to re-register, which of course he has to pay for again.

Please click here to read the FSB circular on cancellations.

We often receive frantic calls from candidates asking for directions to the venue on the day they are writing. Believe me – you do not want to add this kind of stress on exam day. We include directions to the venue with your registration confirmation. Please check beforehand that you have your bearings.

And finally: if you need to write before the end of the year, do not leave it till then. The final date on which candidates can write is 18 December at the four permanent centres. That is just over two months from now.

Not everyone passes at the first attempt. Plan your registration so that there is enough time between when you get your results and the final deadline. You may also require extra time to prepare better.

Imagine the relief if you pass at the first attempt. The burden is off your shoulders, and December is holiday time, not spent behind study material.

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