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RE Preparation Material

LexisNexis announced the availability of the third edition of its Legislation Handbook and Preparation Guide for the level 1 FAIS regulatory examination – RE1 and RE5. This book reflects the law as at 10 April 2014 and incorporates amendments contained in the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act 45 of 2013.

The Legislation Handbook, together with the Preparation Guide, provides a single source of reference for preparing for the exams. The qualifying criteria, as provided by the FSB, forms the basis for the exam and is cross-referenced in the Preparation Guide to the relevant sections in the Legislation Handbook.

To order the LexisNexis preparation guides, please click on this link. The order form and proof of payment must be sent directly to this email address: . If you send it to us first, delivery will be delayed.

RE Schedules, Venues and Registration visit our exam page.

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