RE: How to prepare workshop

We ran the first workshop in Pinelands yesterday. We had 42 reservations, and 42 people pitched. Wie het gesê Kaapstad is ‘n slaapstad?

One attendee wrote as follows this morning:

Just a quick one to pass on my thanks for the presentation yesterday. It was excellent and well worth the time. David M.

The workshops are held at our permanent exam venues to limit costs. The next workshop is on 17 April in Johannesburg. We suspect that those who are “alphabetically challenged” (in other words, you will receive this newsletter later than the Adams’s or the Botha’s) may find the venue already filled.

Durban is also cooking, and we are not talking about the weather. The workshop on the 19th at the Musgrave Centre venue is also expected to be fully booked.

Please visit our events page at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.

In closing: please note that this is NOT a training session. It is aimed at making sure that you are as well prepared as you can be to write the exam.

I firmly believe that not one candidate fails because he or she is not clever enough. The difference lies in how you prepare. If you are unable to attend the workshops, please at least study the FSB preparation guide, which is also on our website under the Regulatory Exam section.


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