RE Exemption Applications

The FSB announced that candidates who applied for an exemption afforded under Board Notice 65 of 2013 will be allowed to continue doing business until such time as the result of their application is made known.

We published the guidelines on how to apply in Thursday’s Moonstone Monitor. On Friday, we came across changes to these requirements, including an increased fee for an exemption application.

We made enquiries to the FSB, as such changes need to be published, and we were unable to trace where and when it was published. We await their response.

As the deadline for submitting an application to continue doing business while awaiting the outcome of your appeal for an extension is tomorrow, 30 April, we suggest that you use the information supplied in our newsletter. The article is also available on the Moonstone website.

This of course also holds true for those still wishing to apply for an exemption from the 30 March 2013 deadline. This application, together with the application to continue working as per board notice 65 of 2013 must be sent to the FSB by tomorrow.

Then, of course, those who cannot afford the fees payable for consideration of these exemptions can request an exemption from paying the fees.

If you are slightly confused, rest assured that you are in good company.

Hopefully, by Thursday, all will be revealed.

We saw copies of two board notices on Friday containing the names of successful applicants for both the extension of the final date to write, as well as from having to pay the fees for applying for the exemption.

If you feel that you have a strong case, please make use of this opportunity by 30 April 2013 at the latest.

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