Accountable institutions that ignore Directive 7 and fail to submit a risk and compliance return (RCR) by Friday face being sanctioned by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC).

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Hostile Proteas Evens Contest

On day 2 of the 1st test against the Black caps the Proteas managed to regain most of the lost ground conceded during day 1 with what can only be described as a […]

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Rugby Colours & Onto the real deal

I could not help thinking of Donavan’s memorable song “Colours” when contemplating this column. While the Bulls hogged the lime(?)light for obvious reasons, a few other factors related to hues also raised some […]

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Super Rugby & African balance restored…

Super Rugby Round 2 – Will some Fallacies be Exposed? by Paul Despite rigorous pre-season training, the walking wounded, after the warm-up matches and last week’s first round bouts, must delight the medical […]

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Whose Head is Bigger? By Paul

On Fridays, during my final year at varsity, we had a double period lecture by the late great Doc Craven. This was one lecture I did not bunk – not once. One day he […]

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Top ref admits he did bad job

Article published in the NS Herald on 21 /01/2012 By Dylan Cleaver When he shook hands with the players and made his way into the innards of the Wellington Stadium, Bryce Lawrence had […]

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Cricket journalism or player bashing?

Pitched online by Bobby My frustrations with the press are growing deeper and deeper as these gramophones just keep whining the same old song! What I am referring to is the Smith & […]

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A “good loser” is a habitual loser…

Pitched online – by Bobby Reading the comments on various websites this morning I realised once again that Protea fans are really bad losers, which, to be honest, doesn’t really bother me that […]

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Dropping catches, players…

Select the link to download the 2012 Rugby Calendar for Outlook: Piched online by Bobby I find myself slightly bored with the current series – perhaps it is because we could afford to […]

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