New Spot for RE Roundup

From Thursday onwards, we will move this section of the newsletter to a new slot. We strive to keep our articles fresh and newsworthy, and we would hate to be seen to underestimate the intelligence of our readers by regurgitating old news.
While we will obviously share any new developments as we have done in the past, we believe the time has come to shift focus. In place of the RE Roundup, we propose publishing compliance relates articles, as well as information to assist readers in running their practices more effectively.
Thank you for the many letters and phone calls, which helped us stay in touch with what goes on in the real world. Please do not stop doing so. You are always welcome to contact me directly at or Nerine, my right hand.

Did I mention that I am left handed?

Our first article this coming Wednesday will be a response to the following enquiry:

I work in a brokerage that has contracts with all the major insurance companies. Is it legal for us to be encouraged to do business mainly with one specific company? Am I doing the right thing by following instructions, or should I be allowed to do business with which ever company I feel is correct for that particular client? If you have strong feelings about this, please let me hear from you.

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