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New FSB “General Awareness” Workshop

A “General Awareness” telematic broadcast workshop will be run on 7 March, and will address the following topics:

  1. Termination of business
  2. The Disclosure of Fees and other potential Conflict of Interests on Third Party Collective Investment Scheme Portfolios
  3. Amendment of financial soundness requirements (BN 202 of 2012)
  4. Financial Services Providers who operate Cash Management System Accounts
  5. Bulk client transfers and re-signing of mandates
  6. The exemption regarding audited financial statement requirements
  7. Debarments and the late notifications of Section 14 (1) Debarments
  8. The requirement to obtain suitable guarantees, Professional Indemnity Cover and/or Fidelity Insurance as per the requirements of the Notice on Requirements for Professional Indemnity and Fidelity Insurance Cover for Providers, published in Board Notice 123 of 2009
  9. The appointment of a Compliance Officer
  10. The application of “living annuities” in relation to “Long-term Insurance Category C” and “Retail Pension Benefits” as defined in the FAIS Act
  11. Profile changes
  12. Online submissions

There are two methods to book for the broadcast:

  1. Access the website and book on the electronic booking system —
  2. Contact the FSB call centre on 0800110443/ 0800202087, Monday to Friday between 08:00 to 17:00.

The same website provides access to register for RE support workshops which run from 20 February onwards. These workshops are exactly the same as the Inseta ones currently being run, and is aimed at those candidates who were unable to register for the Inseta workshops.

The following excerpt from the latest information circular from the FSB explains who should be attending:

The findings of research conducted with candidates that have written the examination more than once, indicated that the main problem was not that candidates did not know or understand the content that they had to study, but rather that they had difficulty in interpreting, analyzing and responding to multiple choice questions.

The majority of candidates that received coaching regarding how to approach multiple choice questions showed a marked improvement in their overall examination results. Therefore the FSB wanted to assist all those candidates that are required to re-write and pass the level 1 regulatory examination by 31 March 2013

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