It can be done

We recently warned against candidates underestimating the challenge contained in writing the regulatory exams. A reader responded as follows:

We recently employed a young lady whose only experience was as a secretary in a business marketing funeral policies. Her employer was liquidated and she was forced to seek alternative employment.

As part of her probation conditions, she was required that she passes RE 5 by the end of her 3rd month of employment, which is 30th June 2015.

She was flustered by the terminology and environment she now found herself in.

To assist her we staged 8 consecutive internal training sessions where we dealt with the learning material and self-assessment questions. Further assistance was provided in the form of links to explanatory study material and an afternoon off before the morning of the exam.

Our other staff members also attended these sessions as a refresher course, and to share their insights with her.

Her strong motivation and will to succeed was what drove this lady. She passed at the first attempt, and her marks were comfortably above the minimum pass mark.

Multi-attempters in our industry should seriously consider following her example.

Employers should possibly also ask themselves whether they are providing enough assistance to candidates to ensure they are well prepared.

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