FSB letters cause some anxiety

The FSB sent letters to individuals regarding their RE status. Concerned readers contacted us to clarify their positions when they were told that they had not yet registered.

Please bear in mind that registrations are done via the examination bodies, not the FSB. The Regulator used information at its disposal at the time, which resulted in some FSPs getting letters that did not reflect the fact that they had already registered and paid.

We suggested in the past that it is wise to check with your examination body that all is in order before you actually write. We experienced problems in the past with some corporate bookings where the information that candidates received did not correspond with our records.

Another frustration experienced by some is that they arrive at the venue, expecting to write the representative exam, only to discover that they are registered for the key individual exam.

One of the registration conditions is that candidates should pay the invoice generated within 24 hours. Failure to do so results in the cancellation of your registration. At this late hour, it could be catastrophic, so please make sure all is in order.

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