FSB Communications

RE Support Workshops

The FSB will be running a limited number of Assistance Workshops, identical to those currently presented by Inseta. This is to accommodate those candidates who were unable to attend the Inseta workshops.

The additional Assistance Workshops will be co-ordinated by the FSB directly. Please click here to view what venues are available, and to register.

This is the last opportunity to attend these workshops before the final extended date of 31 March 2013. Those who attended it found the workshops very helpful in addressing exam problems. With the end of March deadline looming, it is imperative that you make full use of any assistance which can enhance your chances of passing.

Accessing FSB links

Some readers are experiencing problems in accessing the links used by the FSB to communicate important news to them.

It appears that certain browsers, and Firefox specifically, create problems by asking for a user name and password which you do not have.

We suggest that those who experience problems should copy and paste the link, using Google to access the information.

Our own statistics show that Internet Explorer is most often used by FSPs, then Safari (Apple), followed by Google Chrome and Firefox.

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