FSB Circular Download Problems

Those of you who use Mozilla Firefox will experience problems when downloading links to the FSB website. The FSB home page contains the following disclaimer: Opening and downloading of documents on this website using the FireFox web browser is currently not supported. One way of doing it is to go to the FSAB website

  • ·         Click on the FAIS button in the top right hand corner
  • ·         Click on the second last heading “FAIS Communication”
  • ·         Right click on the document you want to access
  • ·         Choose to save or print it

Alternatively, you can visit the Moonstone website where we have a special section containing most of the FSB communications, including circulars and newsletters. For your information: FAIS Circular 4 was discussed on the 30th of May: Amended guidelines on Rep registers and debarments. It contained information about changes to the debarment process and documents. Circular 5 provides guidelines on the 2013 Compliance Reports.

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