TODAY is Registration D-Day

TODAY is the last day to register, should you wish to write before the end of June. There are 3 easy ways to register:

  1. Online: click here
  2. Telephonically: 021-888 9796
  3. Fax: download and complete the registration form and fax to 086 244 3376

Our staff has been under some strain with the huge demand from people still wishing to register. Regrettably, some candidates have seen fit to be abusive to them. They did not make the laws, they are merely there to help. A little consideration for this would be appreciated.

Those who qualify to rewrite before the end of September may also want to look at what dates are available. It is advisable to plan your rewrite for two reasons:

  • The longer you delay writing, the more time you have to spend on re-learning what you have forgotten since the previous exam In the hopefully unlikely event that you fail again, you want to leave yourself enough time to write again. Exams are stressful enough, without having to worry about yet another deadline. Feedback from candidates who wrote a second time, is that they had a far better idea of what to expect, and consequently fared better. We trust that this will also apply to those who still have to rewrite.

Or, as Susan Jeffers said: “Face the fear and do it anyway.”

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