Final Date for Reps to write RE 5

I blamed a tough year for having difficulty in following the reasoning in this circular when it was published in December last year. When I read it this morning, I thought that, rather than fatigue, old age must be the problem. It seemed even more difficult to follow.

Amazing how one can age in two months.

Essentially, it addresses the confusion that arose concerning the exact date by which new appointees had to write the RE 5 (for representatives). The explanation of why confusion arose is what tripped me up. After wading through all the reasons, I found the answer in the last sentence in the article:

The re-write deadline applicable to representatives appointed for the first time during January 2010 and December 2010 will be extended to 31 March 2013, provided that the representative has written the examination at least once by December 2012.

The deadline for the RE 3 and RE 4 exams for key individuals in licence categories II, IIA and III, who wrote at least once before 31 December 2012, have now also been extended until the end of March 2013.

Wednesday, 6 March, is the last day to register should you wish to write at one of our satellite venues on 28 March. (This also happens to be a long weekend.) To write at one of our four permanent venues, the final day for registration is 13 March

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