FAIS Rewrite Preparatory Workshops

“If you don’t pass the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) Exams first time round, persevere. Discipline and the correct training seem be to be the key to passing the exams rewrites,” says INSETA’s CEO, Sandra Dunn.

Lucas Jele, who attempted the FAIS Exams six times, couldn’t agree more.

“I sat for the FAIS exams twice in 2013, twice in 2014 and twice in 2015,” explains Jele.

“I now see what the problem was. The previous teachers I had did not give me the right information. I never understood FAIS properly. I thought I must just memorise a whole lot of facts, but I did not understand why the information was important and necessary.

“Based on our research and feedback from the industry including the learners, we knew there was a serious problem with the type of learning that was taking place,” explains Dunn.

“From the commencement of the project in April 2015, over 300 delegates have gone through the FAIS Rewrite Preparatory Sessions. We have already started getting good testimonials from delegates who passed the examinations after attending the preparatory sessions.”

Learners who wish to participate in the workshops must register with INSETA prior to attendance. Please do not contact Moonstone in this regard – it is an Inseta workshop.

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