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Industry experienced job applicants have to provide proof of their RE results. The question is: how reliable is this information?

Judging by the vast number of enquiries we receive, it is apparent that there is a lot of uncertainty about this process. We recap below on the current procedure, and suggest how employers can guard against being given false information.

RE results are sent to candidates in e-mail format. Moonstone candidates also receive a certificate confirming successful outcomes. (Copy of RE Results)

Can you as an employer rely on a copy of the results or certificate being forwarded to you?

One does not require the most modern technology to change the details in the documentary proof sent to candidates, thus verification is essential. Should an applicant falsify this documentation, such a person is obviously not fit and proper in terms of honesty and integrity, but what about the employer’s duty to ensure the accuracy of information used to screen applicants?

There are very strict protocols in the FSB Act in relation to confidentiality. While there are arrangements in place for large corporates and their current employees, that they registered and paid for, there are different challenges involved where individuals are concerned.

“No examination body may verify (examination) results.” This quote comes verbatim from an FSB instruction.

This matter is currently being investigated by a legal team, but until such time as more information is available, verification of the results can only be obtained from the FSB.

We recommend that you obtain written and signed permission from the applicant/candidate and forward this with your request to the FSB.

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