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You be the Judge

Heyneke Meyer, unlike his predecessor, is careful with words. This must be a huge frustration for the media who, despite their dislike of Piet Helium, had the time of their lives writing about him and his quirky sayings. His promises, in particular, made him eat humble pie on more than one occasion. Meyer did not […]

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What’s in a name?

The FSB recently distributed a document entitled “Call for contributions: intermediary services and related remuneration in the insurance sector”. Moonstone’s request for permission to provide input was granted, and we aim to provide the regulator with a broader perspective than what is implied in the title and scope of the document. The purpose of this […]

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Dividends Tax on Unit Trust Returns

The impending replacement of Secondary Tax on Companies (STC) by Dividends Tax (DT), effective from the 1st of April this year, will have a multi-faceted and far reaching impact on the Collective Investment Schemes industry. You have surely seen article upon article on this topic, all dealing with one or more of these facets. This […]

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