Authentication of RE Certificates

We often receive queries from employers regarding the validity of RE certificates produced by prospective applicants. This is indeed wise, as we are aware of instances where people fraudulently replicate documents by means of modern technology.

What copy cats do not realise, is that all parties of the illegal act can be identified – both the owner of the original document, and the copier, due to the built-in security measures. Committing an act of fraud will lead to regulatory action, including possible debarment.

The FSB published guidelines for FSPs to verify the RE status of their current employees.

What is the situation with prospective employees? The FSP does not have access to the RE status of such individuals, and have to rely on the documentation provided by the applicant.


If a candidate provides a certificate issued by Moonstone, the employer can obtain written consent from the applicant to apply to us for authentication of the certificate. In terms of our mandate from the FSB, we are only allowed to confirm or deny that it is a valid document – nothing more. The letter of consent, together with a copy of the applicable Moonstone RE certificate, can be sent to with a request for authentication of the document.

Please click here to download the Ramafalo decision.


Only the FSB can verify the actual RE status of a job applicant. Requests for this information should be referred to the FSB FAIS department on 0800 110 443, or via email to

The FSB also published guidelines on how to obtain RE status information on-line.

Please do not contact Moonstone in this regard. We are unable to assist, even though the applicant may have written the RE with Moonstone.


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