Approved Qualifications for Exemption of Level 2 REs

A number of readers enquired about the list of approved qualifications mentioned in last week’s Moonstone Monitor as they were unable to find it on the FSB website.

Please click here to download Board Notice 44 of 2010.

This document was published at the end of March 2010. We are sure that a number of new qualifications have been added since. The updated version is due soon, and will form an important part of of one’s planning for the level 2 REs.

In essence, certain recognised qualifications, published in this list, will exempt one from writing certain level 2 REs. These qualifications are indicated with an “S” under the specific licence category that it provides an exemption from. You will also come across others marked with a “G” for Generic. Such qualifications do have some relevance to the licence category, but do not contain sufficient content to cover the required knowledge for that specific licence category to exempt one from having to write the level 2 RE.

If your qualification does not appear on the list, you may apply for inclusion thereof on the list of approved qualifications. The FSB website contains details of how to go about doing this. Depending on your requirements, there is a fee payable to the FSB to consider such an application.

Moonstone provides a service, at a fee, for those wishing to make use of our expertise to ascertain whether their qualification exempt them from one or more level 2 REs. Please address enquiries to Louise Willemse.


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