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Thank You

On Monday I was quite touched by my first call of the morning.

A candidate in KZN, Bea, asked me for advice on medical problems that she has. It affects both her vision and concentration. Being a sole proprietor, she was seriously concerned about losing her livelihood if she failed the regulatory exams.

We solicited the help of our logistics department, and after submission of the necessary medial reports, it was arranged that she would get a paper printed in larger size to make reading easier, and extra time to allow for her concentration problems. This is all within the framework allowed by the FSB.

She phoned me last week when she received the results for the rep’s exam, to thank everyone at Moonstone for their kindness and consideration.

On Monday, at 08h20, she received another e-mail from Moonstone.

“I was too scared to open it. I first said a short prayer, then scraped together all my courage and opened it. I also managed to pass the KI exam! You will never understand the extent of my gratitude to those at Moonstone who made this possible. Please convey this to all at Moonstone.”

Much as we would like to take credit for this compliment, it is all in a day’s work, although I must add that the way in which the team responded certainly contained more empathy than just doing one’s job.

A heart warming story like this one, more than makes up for some of the less pleasant experiences we sometimes have to handle.

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