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Tips for your clients (and you) – Four mistakes to avoid when in an accident

With the annual festive season around the corner and the formalities of year end functions and holiday travel that’s about to start it’s a good time to chat about precautionary measures with our clients.

According to a Personal Finance article the average driver in South Africa has a 15 to 20 percent chance of being involved in a car accident each year. During this time of the year, many people take long trips, which increase their possibility of being involved in collisions.

The article highlighted four things everyone should not do if they are involved in an accident during the December and January holidays. These errors may give insurers grounds to reject a claim or impose extra costs on the policyholder:

1. Admitting guilt
2. Allowing an unauthorised provider to tow your car away
3. Driving away without getting contact details
4. Failing to report the accident to the nearest police station and medical facility

Click here to read the article and share with your clients.


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