Machine-learning algorithm beats 20 lawyers in NDA legal analysis

LegalBrief recently shared a Techspot article that reported that while most of the jobs that get displaced by computers require little or no education, even highly-educated positions could be replaced by automation:

“A recent study by LawGeex pitted its machine-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) against 20 human lawyers to see how it would fare analysing contract law. Each lawyer and the LawGeex AI were given five non-disclosure agreements to review for risks. The humans were given four hours to study the contracts. The lawyers took an average of 92 minutes to complete the task and achieved a mean accuracy level of 85%. LawGeex took only 26 seconds to review all five contracts and was 94% accurate.

The AI tied with the highest scoring lawyer in the group in terms of accuracy. An independent panel of law professors from Stanford, Duke, and USC law schools judged the accuracy of the test. So are lawyers at risk of being replaced? Probably not, says the report, at least not for things such as arguing case law. However, some lawyers and paralegals study contracts all day, every day. While computer algorithms could replace these common positions, these displaced legal workers likely have skills that can be utilised in more challenging areas. Having a machine do the drudge work means lawyers can work more efficiently and the savings in time could be passed on to clients”.

Read the full Techspot report.

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