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Working from home – Can you claim from SARS?

“Amid some uncertainty, SARS has confirmed that full-time employees will be able to claim home-office expenses during lockdown. But you have to work from home for at least six months of the tax year. And you can’t just work from your dining room table,” a SARS spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider SA. In a recent […]

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Remote working – How to spot phoney emails

According to Mimecast, impersonation fraud jumped by almost a third during the first 100 days of the coronavirus pandemic, as cyber criminals looked to take advantage of many people suddenly working remotely. But how do you recognise these emails? According to a recent cyber-security article the emails sent usually: ● look identical to messages from a […]

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Working from Home – Practicing sensible cyber security is essential

While healthcare workers are battling the COVID-19 virus, countries are in lockdown mode, and the global economy hangs in the balance, another war is raging in cyberspace. Risks to systems, data and communications are increasing as cyber-attackers utilise the pandemic to evolve attack techniques by blending technical prowess with sophisticated social engineering. The current challenge […]

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Launch of the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG) Innovation Hub

South Africa’s financial regulators have just launched an Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG) Innovation Hub in response to changes in the financial sector driven by financial technology (Fintech) and to promote responsible innovation in the sector. “The Innovation Hub is intended to support the sector in introducing innovations that complement the core mandates of regulators, […]

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