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Finding Your Niche – Benefits of focused marketing

Having a niche market means that you’re targeting a specific section of your available clients. “A niche is more than just a target market, it’s about positioning yourself and your firm to attract and hold onto clients facing specific challenges – and it’s essential to growing your financial adviser practice”, Hannes van den Berg, CEO […]

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Online marketing – What are the common mistakes that financial advisors make?

In a recent blog post, Jack Waymire shares 10 common mistakes when it comes to online marketing for financial advisors. “You’re a financial advisor and you’re online – that’s great! But are you online correctly?”, asks Waymire. He mentions that many financial advisors jump into the world of online marketing without knowing exactly what they […]

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FSB: Guidelines on Advertising and Marketing

In the light of an increase in practices relating to advertisements, brochures and similar communications that are contrary to section 4(3) of the Long-term and Short-term Insurance, steps aimed at addressing this were announced at the FSB’s recent Regulatory Seminar. An information letter is being drafted to provide guidance to insurers on the interpretation and […]

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