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Sharks take on Scots

Well, I thought to myself, if this Kiwi team wants to take its name from the Highlands of Scotland, they had better live up to the glorious past they choose to represent. The song, “Flower of Scotland”, relives the famous Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 when an English army, led by Edward II, tried to […]

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Two to Go

For all practical purposes, we only have two horses left in the Super 15 race. The Sharks and the Stormers are paying the price for an indifferent start to the season, and few expected the Kings to do as well as they did. Their bye is a huge relief for the men from the Baai. […]

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Are we “Trying” hard enough?

I blame the poor rugby, from all but one team, squarely on today being Monday the thirteenth, and I am doomed to try and find something positive to say after the way the Sharks, Stormers and, to a lesser degree, the Cheetahs, confused rugby with Harakiri. Perhaps, with all the players going off to play […]

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Super 15 Week Twelve

This public holiday in the middle of the week really messed up my biological clock. When I woke up this morning, going to work was the last thing on my mind. Then, when I opened my newspaper, I realised that there is still a whole weekend of rugby ahead, and only two working days. I’ll […]

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What a Wonder Weekend

I hummed this adaptation of the Louis Armstrong hit to myself as I drifted into a peaceful sleep last night. Bulls Played the Blues Must admit I enjoy reading the NZ newspapers the day after we managed the treble: “The Bulls’ win, their first at Eden Park, represented a South African trifecta over New Zealand […]

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