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The following posting, by a member of the public, was recently placed on our website in response to an article we published a few months ago:

What a pity I didn’t see this website before I went and purchased life insurance, thinking getting something back is better than nothing.

Wrong!! Exploitively expensive, and if I stick with a cheaper, but better covered product elsewhere and save the difference in an investment fund, I would benefit far more!!

Then I went on to cancel it days after, only to be met with hostile and extremely emotional responses from the client department.

Wow, lesson learned, fingers burnt!! I won’t do business with them anytime soon.

Your article was highly insightful. I saved it so I can use it to help others as well.

I am seeing my husband’s broker on Monday. I’m adopting him and I know the advice I will get will be truthful and gold.

I responded as follows:

Thank you for the feedback, Susan.

Each insurer has a specific target market. If you do not fit their profile, they charge a higher premium which they will gladly accept if you are prepared to pay it.

A good financial advisor knows the fine print, and the pitfalls. There must be a reason why the biggest insurers endorse the use of broker. It saves both them and the client a lot of trouble, and enables them to underwrite the risk at application, and not when a claim arises.

In case you missed the article, click here to read it.

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