FSCA’s learning series – Helping to build a generation of financially smart individuals

Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, it is important for children from a young age to be exposed to financial lessons.

One of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority’s (FSCA) flagship projects, its MyMoney Learning Series, is a facilitated programme that uses picture-based, conversational/peer-to-peer learning to disseminate basic consumer financial education (CFE) content to consumers.

Research revealed that consumers know that information around money is important, however they lack the understanding. The FSCA’s MyMoney Learning Series responds to this lack of understanding by aiming to build the missing foundational information blocks of financial literacy for consumers living in South Africa for them to be able to make informed financial decisions.

The FSCA’s MyMoney Learning Series is built on five key themes; Financially Smart, Financial Safeguard, Financial Protection, Financial Knowledge and Business Finance and is further broken down into 31 sub-topic packages.

Share this resource with your client and help build towards financially educated individuals.

Whilst the FSCA has set consumer education as one of its main objectives, it would certainly welcome the assistance of the industry in spreading the word. Whichever way you chose to become involved will make a huge difference in the lives of current and future clients.

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