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Financial Sector Laws Amendment Bill_another bureaucratic power grab

Financial Sector Laws Amendment Bill: another bureaucratic power grab?

It is questionable whether the much-vaunted “too-big-to-fail” benefits of the Financial Sector Laws Amendment Bill now before Parliament justify its far-reaching impingements on the rule of law, its dubious depositor insurance provisions and its very significant costs, among many other concerns. The Bill fails to crisply define its principal stratagem, being the “resolution” by employees […]

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NEW IMAGE - Offshore exposure in living annuities – have the rules changed

Offshore exposure in living annuities – have the rules changed?

Offshore investing has dominated adviser-client conversations these past 18 months as the Covid-19 economic dislocation played havoc with emerging-market currencies such as the rand. While there are sub-themes around offshore investing, few have been as emotive as the conversation about offshore exposure in living annuity portfolios. The aim of this article is to provide further […]

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