Bookings are open for Moonstone’s 2024 Regulatory Update Webinar

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It’s coming round for that time of the year when Moonstone Compliance brings FSPs up to speed with regulatory and legal developments that impact their business. Our popular Regulatory Update Webinar takes place on Wednesday, 10 April.

Registration is now open for the webinar, which will be on Microsoft Teams, from 10am to 12.30pm. Click here to register.

As always, the workshop will be packed with relevant information presented in an easily understandable way.

The presenters will be Billy Seyffert, Moonstone Compliance’s chief operating officer, and Marili Orffer, Moonstone Compliance’s legal and compliance adviser.

In the first session, Billy will review the changes to legislation and update you on regulatory developments since last year’s webinar.

The Financial Intelligence Centre has been active on the compliance front, and the session will kick off with a detailed look at the Directives, Public Compliance Communications, and Guidance Notes the Centre has issued over the past year.

Billy will then discuss the regulation of the crypto asset space under both the FAIS Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, and the relationship between the two.

The third item on the agenda is Joint Standard 1 of 2023: Information Technology Governance and Risk Management. Financial institutions have until 15 November this year to demonstrate compliance with the Joint Standard. The definition of “financial institution” excludes Category I and IV FSPs.

The first session will close with a look at the key dates this year for the roll-out of the Omni-CBRs.

After the break, Marili will review recent court cases involving FSPs and business email compromise (BEC) and move on to discuss debarment cases that came before the Financial Services Tribunal. She will highlight the action that businesses should take to manage their risks relating to BEC and debarments.

The webinar will conclude with a question-and-answer session.

Key individuals, representatives, compliance officers, and internal legal officers will derive great value by attending the Regulatory Update Webinar. People responsible for operations management and general risk management, and marketing will also benefit from attending.

Discount for our Compliance clients

As usual, clients of Moonstone Compliance qualify for a discount – the cost is R495 per person per person (excl. VAT), whereas non-clients pay R575 per person (excl. VAT).

Registration closes on 4 April and payment must be received by the following day.

The CPD hours for the webinar will be confirmed.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact Sino Poni at Click here to register or 021 883 8000.

Moonstone Compliance’s Regulatory Update Webinar is a great opportunity to set your regulatory bearings for 2024. Register today by following this link.