Passwords and Cybersecurity – Increase in cyber fraud calls for tighter safeguards

Cybersecurity awareness is particularly critical at this time, as cyber criminals have taken advantage of the global situation. One of the starting points to improve cyber security is password security, as your password is the one thing that stands between your accounts and a cybercriminal accessing your personal and secure information, as well as company information that you access via various applications.

In a recent article, Kaspersky, internet security solutions vendor, advises what is wrong with using one password for all services, why writing your passwords on sticky notes is a bad idea as well as how to securely store your passwords.

So why do employees write their passwords down on sticky notes? “Employees turn to sticky notes because they’re easy to use, readily available in an office setting and literally “stickable” to their screen for quick reference throughout the workday,” a security expert clarifies.

Although there is a threat of casual visitors or co-workers finding your passwords, Kasperksy explains that nowadays selfies add another dimension to the threat. “If you have a selfie enthusiast in your open plan office, then your co-workers, their screens and their passwords might end up in the pictures,” Kaspersky describes. These photos are shared on social media and therefore opens a new door to cyber criminals.

Click here to read the Kaspersky blog article that further advises you on the use of passwords.

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