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Increase in social media users – Opportunity for financial advisors?

The 2019 Social Media Landscape Report showcases the South African digital and social media trends. The report confirms that social media is growing rapidly in South Africa, with users constantly finding ways to use each platform effectively and brands finding better ways to engage.

The latest statistics (and its growing by the day) show the following of the South African social media landscape:

22 million Facebook users (90.4% of these access Facebook via their mobile devices)
27,3 million Whatsapp users (Approx. 49% of the SA population)
6,6 million Instagram users (73% increase since 2017)
8,3 million Twitter users (0.3% increase in the last year)

In the financial services industry, social media continues to receive a lot of attention, both from a regulatory standpoint and from an overall usage perspective. One of the questions many financial advisors have is how they can leverage social media to build their brand and credibility?

In a Commonwealth financial network publication, overall best practices are shared to guide the financial advisor in pursuing his or her objectives.

Click here to download the Commonwealth publication.

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