FSCA’s Charene Nortier was a consummate professional who will be sorely missed

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Moonstone Compliance expresses its sincere condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Charene Nortier, a great friend of the financial services industry and compliance officers in particular.

Nortier, the FSCA’s manager of financial advisers and intermediaries, passed away in hospital on 11 April. She is survived by her mother Marjorie and daughter Chandré.

Nortier joined the FSCA’s predecessor, the Financial Services Board (FSB), on 1 March 2007. She began as a manager in the FAIS Supervision Department and moved to the Conduct of Business Supervision Division after the establishment of the FSCA in 2018.

Billy Seyffert, the chief operating officer of Moonstone Compliance, said that during the 20 years he had known Nortier, she remained a consummate professional and the embodiment of how regulatory officials should conduct themselves.

“Her accessibility, approachability, willingness to assist and her interest in other people will always remain with me.”

He said Nortier had done much for him and Moonstone Compliance by assisting with queries, providing guidance, and generally listening to the challenges faced by compliance officers.

“She was a great champion of the work that compliance officers do. She was a great friend to Moonstone and of what we were trying to achieve. The industry and the FSCA are much poorer for her loss,” Seyffert said.

In a statement, the FSCA said Nortier epitomised dedication through service and displayed an enduring passion for learning and knowledge, both for herself and others. She served the FSB and the FSCA with steadfast commitment and loyalty until her health started to deteriorate early this year.

“Charene’s passing is an incredibly deep loss for the FSCA. She was a beloved team member, with a tremendously generous spirit and a kind heart,” said FSCA deputy commissioner Farzana Badat.

“During her many years of exemplary service, she made a lasting impact on numerous individuals through her unparalleled thoughtfulness and abiding commitment to knowledge-sharing and education. Charene was a joy to know and a pleasure to work with. We extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers of comfort to her loved ones. Charene will be sorely missed,” Badat said.

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  1. I echo all of Billy’s comments.
    Charene was the number one go-to official at the FSB and then the FSCA.
    Go Well, Charene.

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