FSB Stats Response

The publication of the Moonstone REView on Friday arguably drew the biggest response from readers since the announcement of the regulatory exams.

It was quite fascinating trying to analyse the calculations readers shared about the numbers who still have to write, and the complications thereof, as well as the so called profit margins, based on these stats.

Concerning the latter: Imagine for one moment, your clients placing a fee value on your service, based only on the face-to-face cost of you sitting in front of them, ignoring the cost of running your practice. Do they calculate your profit margins, based on how many clients you have? Their time would be better spent on maximising your input to them, would it not?

But back to the essentials.

If I was affected, my concern would be whether I still needed to write, and how I could do so within the constraints of the regulations.

Those not yet registered, have 10 weeks and 4 days left to do so. Bearing in mind that we require a three week lead-in to be able to make your paper available at the venue of your choice, that leaves less than two months before the cut-off date.

Personally, I would not concern myself with side issues, but rather make sure that I have a seat for my bum in an exam venue before the final deadline. This means registering while there still is space, and planning your studies around this date.

We have a lot of empathy for those who were misled by false prophets who led people to believe that they would force another extension of the deadline.

Last week I saw a circular from an official at Solidarity claiming that they were responsible for arranging an extension of the original deadline, as well as making the exams available in Afrikaans. This is devoid of all truth. The fact of the matter is that they have only now jumped on the bandwagon, trying to harness the uncertainty of FSPs in their favour.

While believing false prophets may seem like a worthwhile final straw, I strongly advise readers to grasp the reality contained in the FSB newsletter, and accept responsibility for their own fate.

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