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Prospective students who want to enrol in an accredited qualification offered by Moonstone Business School of Excellence (MBSE) need to act fast: applications for the second semester close on Monday, 1 July.

Statistics South Africa’s Labour Force Survey for the fourth quarter of 2023 underscores the importance of education for employment prospects. The official unemployment rate rose to 32.1%, but the rate among graduates was 9.6%.

Edel Goldbach, MBSE’s academic manager, highlights the need for continuous learning in a competitive job market, advocating for online education as a flexible option for career advancement.

“Also, if you look at how fast things change these days, you can’t hope to study one thing and then keep on doing it all your life, because things are changing so quickly. You’re always having to reinvent yourself, learn different skills, and keep on developing and growing,” she says.

With more than a decade of experience in insurance and financial planning training, MBSE is an accredited private higher-education institution registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, and an accredited skills development provider for the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

MBSE’s qualifications are recognised by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). It is also an approved education provider of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) and the Insurance Institute of South Africa, ensuring recognition of its qualifications in South Africa’s financial services market.

The online education provider offers a range of qualifications, short courses, Class of Business Training, and CPD courses aligned to the needs of the financial services sector.

Two of MBSE’s sought-after qualifications include the Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning (NQF6) and the Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer (NQF6).

ACFP: empowering tomorrow’s financial advisors

The Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning (ACPF) provides the skills and knowledge required to provide holistic financial planning services to the “man in the street” and prepares students for further specialised studies in financial planning. The ACFP also addresses the education requirement to obtain the Financial Services Advisor® designation from the FPI.

The course consists of five compulsory modules: financial planning environment, business management, corporate financial planning, personal financial planning, and a financial planning integrated case study module.

Brian Parsons, a top achiever at MBSE in 2023, decided to transition into financial advice three years ago, recognising the critical importance of acquiring appropriate qualifications.

Following the advice of a friend who works in the financial advisory field, Parsons enrolled and successfully completed the Higher Certificate in Wealth Management (NQF5) with MBSE in 2022, continuing with the ACFP in 2023.

Operating as an independent financial adviser, Parsons aimed to complete each qualification within a year to prioritise his business endeavours upon qualification completion.

He commends MBSE for its study programmes and guidelines, highlighting their effectiveness in preparing for semester tests.

“I think MBSE understands online learning very well and provides the tools and structures to assist students to succeed,” Parsons remarks.

He recommends MBSE and the ACPF to those seeking to enhance their industry knowledge.

“Overall, a great organisation to deal with. Relevant content, knowledgeable, and supportive staff,” he says.

Mastering compliance: preparing professionals across industries

MBSE’s Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer qualification is not only aimed at preparing a student for compliance within the financial sector but also compliance departments in other sectors.

Qualified students will be able to conduct enterprise-wide risk management, apply compliance principles, commit to compliance practices, design, and implement compliance plans and strategies, conduct compliance monitoring, and interact with industry role-players.

The qualification is recognised by the FSCA for Category I, Key Individuals.

Monique Brummer, operations manager of MBSE, says due to the growing maze of laws, regulations, licensing and permits, there is an increase in the need for compliance officers across industries.

“Every company or organisation is required to comply with these various regulations, thus they need an expert at their disposal with knowledge and experience in legal matters, compliance risk management, as well as the compilation, implementation, and reporting of compliance strategies,” Brummer says.

MBSE’s QCTO team regularly receives compliments from students, highlighting the exceptional student experience provided by the institution. Balancing professional and educational goals can be challenging, and these testimonials underscore the value MBSE places on student welfare.

Recent accolades include a student expressing gratitude towards a lecturer for their caring approach, stating, “You treat your students with so much care, it is so heartwarming to be more than just a student number at an institution.”

Additionally, a recent graduate commended the institution for its dedication and support, saying, “I just want to thank you for your absolute dedication to helping us and always being so prompt and guiding us through this. You guys have honestly put so much time into the seminars and lectures.”

MBSE offers the following accredited qualifications:

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