Big or small, Cybersecurity is a risk for all

Whether you are a JSE-listed company, a local coffee shop, or are self-employed and work from a home office, you share a common business goal – to maintain your operational ability and productivity. Besides the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, another challenge shared by all companies is cybersecurity. Cyberthreats are not just a problem for big corporations and governments; small businesses can be targets too. Recent research suggests that 22% of small businesses have been the targets of cyberattacks.

While larger businesses may have more resources to dedicate to cybersecurity, many small businesses are still slow in allocating time, effort and money to this growing challenge. ”A common misconception among SMEs is that cyber criminals would rather target larger organisations than smaller entities with less assets. In fact, SMEs are easier pickings for hackers due to their lack of cybersecurity. As this can jeopardise a whole business structure, every SME need to make protecting their network a top priority,” according to Elaine Wang, Rectron Cloud and Software Solutions Director.

Wang stresses that as cybersecurity breaches have the potential to close a business down permanently, small businesses need to ensure that not only do they have adequate security measures in place, but also built-in contingency plans in the event of a breach. Online operations now play a more important role than ever. It is therefore essential that businesses, no matter what their size, put in place the required measures to protect their remote workers, networks and digital assets.

In a recent blog post, Kaspersky provides a guide to help small businesses owners navigate the world of cyberthreats. Click here to read more about the risks, the impact of an attack and what you can do to protect your business from cyberthreats.

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