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Exam Tips for the REs

We spend countless hours talking to candidates about their experiences of the regulatory exams. The moods range from utter depression to exultation. From this feedback, we drew up a list of items which may help you approach the examinations with more confidence, particularly if it is your first attempt.
The authoritive guide remains the FSB’s…

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Important Qualification Requirements

The regulatory examinations took precedence for most people in the industry, and may have averted the focus from the qualification requirement, particularly in the case of representatives working under supervision.
Industry demands for production of business often take precedence over legal requirements, particularly if the time frame…

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RE exams in UK

RE Deadline – Reps Under Supervision
We reported on Monday that there was a change in the final date by which representatives under supervision had to successfully complete the RE 5 regulatory exam. Whereas before they had until 31 December of the year in which the second anniversary of their date of first appointment (DOFA) occurred, this has…

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Final RE date for Reps Working Under Supervision

An important amendment to the conditions applicable to representatives working under supervision was announced in Board Notice 260 of 2013, published on 19 December 2013.
Readers may recall that there was some uncertainty about the final deadline, which was later clarified. Representatives working under supervision had until 31 December…

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RE Exams Pass Rates

Seldom has one seen such disparate views on a matter of national interest as those expressed on the 2013 matric results.
While the government sang its own praises based on statistical improvements, concerns were raised by others about the bigger picture, and particularly how much value one can place on a certificate when the pass rate for some subjects…

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RE Exam news for 2014

FAIS Circular 9 of 2013 provided important information on the future of the Regulatory Examinations.
Investigation into combining RE1 and RE5
The investigation regarding the possibility of combining the RE1 and RE5 examinations into one cost-effective and time-efficient examination commenced in November 2013. The Regulator indicated that…

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RE Exam Dates for the end of 2013

Those who plan (or are obliged) to write the regulatory exams before the end of the year, must please study the schedules, linked below, to make sure they register in time.
Today is the final day to register for those who wish to write at our permanent venues in 2013. You will be required to register and pay today in order to be accommodated.
Some of the…

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Last Opportunity for RE exams 2013

The year is rapidly drawing to a close – in exactly one month from now, it will be Christmas.
Those who plan (or are obliged) to write the regulatory exams before the end of the year, must please study the schedules linked below to make sure they register in time.
NB Please do your bookings telephonically, as the system to register electronically cannot…

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Keeping the Registrar up to date

The FSB regularly publishes details of changes to the licensing conditions of FSPs. These include new licence applications, as well as withdrawals and suspensions of licences, and reinstatements.
To date, it would appear that most of the terminations concerned non-payment of levies and failure to submit annual reports.
It would appear that…

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Foreign FSPs and the Regulatory Examinations

Dr. Des Leatt kindly provided us with the following clarification from the FSB on this topic.
There appears to be some confusion regarding the Level 1 Regulatory Exams as they apply to Foreign FSPs. I received the following clarification from the office of the Regulator. An important determinant in this matter is Board Notice 119, published in June…

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