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Mental conditioning

mental condi
An important part of your preparation for writing the regulatory examinations concerns your mental approach. I came across an interview in Moneyweb with Paddy Upton, who plays an important role in the preparation of our very successful national cricket side. His thinking applies equally to those facing the challenge of writing the regulatory…

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RE Preparation Material

LexisNexis announced the availability of the third edition of its Legislation Handbook and Preparation Guide for the level 1 FAIS regulatory examination – RE1 and RE5. This book reflects the law as at 10 April 2014 and incorporates amendments contained in the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act 45 of 2013. The Legislation Handbook,…

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Exam Tips for the REs

exam tips
We spend countless hours talking to candidates about their experiences of the regulatory exams. The moods range from utter depression to exultation. From this feedback, we drew up a list of items which may help you approach the examinations with more confidence, particularly if it is your first attempt. The authoritive guide remains the FSB’s…

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