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    Keeping Customers Satisfied

    This has always been an important component of business, even before Simon & Garfunkel turned the phrase into ...


Qualification deadline at hand

People appointed before 2010 had various options regarding prescribed qualifications, including obtaining a certain minimum number of credits, depending on what categories they were licensed for. My alert colleague, Paull Lawrence, sent us a reminder that those representatives appointed between 1 January 2010 and 30 June 2010 have until the end of June 2016 to obtain a full qualification in […]

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Credit Provider Registration

The article below was written by Janine Will, Senior Associate in the Commercial Department of Garlicke & Bousfield Inc, and published in Commercial Law News. The current legal requirement that only those credit providers that have a total principal debt owed to them, under all outstanding credit agreements, other than incidental credit agreements, exceeding R500,000 […]

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Recoveries from Retirement Provision Funds

Strict process for companies wishing to recover stolen money from employee pension fund pay outs, cautions GTC. Employers cannot automatically claim money from an employee’s pension or provident fund when employees defraud them, in order to compensate for their loss. Even if a company wins the criminal case, employers need to apply for a court […]

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Registrar issues warning

FAIS Circular 20 contains a reminder to FSPs regarding what changes in the FSP need to be conveyed to the Registrar within 15 days. Section 8(10)(a)(ii) of the FAIS Act states: “Where a provider is a corporate or unincorporated body, a trust or a partnership, the provider must, within 15 days of the appointment of […]

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Keeping Customers Satisfied

This has always been an important component of business, even before Simon & Garfunkel turned the phrase into a hit song. A recent article on customer views of short-term insurers, led me to the website of the South African Consumer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi). They deal with a number of important consumer products, including cell phones, […]

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Boks provide rollercoaster ride

My Saturday was one filled with rugby – The All Black v Wales game was a fantastic affair and up to the 53rd minute a Wales win looked possible. But as only the All Blacks can, they turned the next 5 minutes into a nightmare for the Welsh with a couple of quick tries to […]

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Fraudulent medical aid claims

A recent article on the Health24 website had me reaching for heart pills I do not have. Discovery Health CEO, Dr Jonathan Broomberg, revealed that his company recovered R400 million on behalf of its client schemes. Discovery Health’s Forensics department deals with more than 3 000 forensic investigations per year. “Doctors were identified who were admitting patients, […]

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Importance of full disclosure at application stage

A recent Appeal Board case underlines the importance of full and frank disclosure during the licence application process. In the original determination, the FSP and its two members, Ms S and Ms C were debarred for four years on three grounds. One of these concerned that they “…did not, when applying for a licence, make […]

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