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    FSP FICA Obligations

    There appears to be a fair amount of uncertainty about what exactly a financial adviser’s obligations under the ...


Financial Intelligence Centre Fixes

Many readers received a “request for account rejected” notification from the FIC following their online registration on the new “goAML” system. The reasons for rejection include: 1) 1st Phase FIC verification (Sec 43b CO):   ● Copy of ID not certified   ● Copy of ID not clear   ● No First Name, Last Name […]

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FIC Feed back

2017 Budget for Regulatory Exams

A number of our corporate clients are in the process of planning for 2017, and have made enquiries as regards the regulatory exams. Cost Increases In the nearly six years we have only seen three increases in the cost of the exams. The last one was a 6% increase in April 2015 to the current fee […]

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2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

This is an extract from the lecture by Bill Gates at Pretoria University. If there is one thing I’m sure of, it is this: Africa can achieve the future it aspires to.That future depends on the people of Africa working together, across economic and social strata and across national borders, to lay a foundation so […]

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FAIS Ombud

Remorse as Mitigation in debarment cases

While, in the past, saying sorry and meaning it, assisted appellants, there are limits to what having regret can achieve. Bhupesh Nathoo versus Registrar In January 2016 we reported on an appeal by Mr Bhupesh Nathoo against being debarred for 5 years after the submission of two fictitious policies. The Registrar submitted that if the […]

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Super Rugby Playoffs

The quarter finals are here at long last. I thought you may find it interesting to hear the views from rugby writers in New Zealand, as all three our matches are against Kiwi sides. Hurricanes/Sharks I suppose a coach has to sound positive when the dice are loaded against his side, so I’ll forgive Gold […]

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Authentication of RE Certificates

We often receive queries from employers regarding the validity of RE certificates produced by prospective applicants. This is indeed wise, as we are aware of instances where people fraudulently replicate documents by means of modern technology. What copy cats do not realise, is that all parties of the illegal act can be identified – both […]

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The proof of the pudding…

A recent finding by the FSB Appeal Board drew attention to the need for honesty and integrity in all circumstances. The Registrar debarred the appellant on 14 September 2015. Timeline On 8 June 2015 the Registrar issued a notice of intent to suspend the appellant’s licence to act as an FSP on grounds, inter alia, that he […]

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SA Health Perspective

The Future Health Index 2016 is an international survey which “… highlights the opportunities and barriers to a more connected and integrated form of healthcare that will better serve future generations. By measuring the attitudes and opinions of patients, healthcare professionals and industry thought leaders, this study seeks to identify key areas where digital innovation […]

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