moonstone-fate-happens Fate Happens
Life is fickle and unpredictable. This statement is born out again by a recent Ombud determination...
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New Perspectives on RDR proposals

During the recent SAIFM conference, the FSB provided input on its views on feedback received from the industry to the 55 proposals contained in the discussion document. There was general support for the objectives of the review. The main areas of comment were on: Categories of advisers Product supplier accountability Implications for outsourcing and cross-ownership […]

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Durban Permanent RE Venue News

The Moonstone Regulatory Exam Centre in Durban, situated in the Musgrave Centre, will only remain in use until 29 September as a result of major renovations to the centre. The new Durban venue, which will be used after 29 September 2015, is the St. Thomas Anglican Church, 195 Musgrave Road, Berea. Candidates who are affected will be advised in writing […]

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Kan Munisipaliteit jou kragtoevoer afsny?

Hierdie artikel word gepubliseer met die goedgunstige toestemming van Van der Spuy en Vennote. Die munisipaliteit het my in kennis gestel dat hulle my elektrisiteitvoorsiening gaan afsny omdat daar uitstaande betalings ten opsigte van my eiendom is. Hierdie uitstaande bedrae is egter nie myne nie, maar behoort aan die vorige eienaars van wie ek die […]

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PAIA Manual Online

We recently advised readers of an extremely good offer (R199 only) to get their Promotion of Access to Information manuals in place. Unless we see yet another extension, the deadline is 31 December 2015. Even if there is a further extension, you may as well get it in place, as it is unlikely to ever go away. […]

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Here We Go

This weekend sees the last of the pool matches, although most of the results will be important for statistical purposes only, apart from the Australia/Wales and France/Ireland matches. From a realistic perspective, the two teams most likely to play in the final must be Australia and New Zealand. Some less likely candidates include South Africa, […]

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More Unintended Consequences?

Laura du Preez wrote in Personal Finance on 12 September 2015: Providers of primary healthcare plans that may soon be disallowed say that low cost benefit medical scheme options will not cater for people using these plans who earn more than the tax threshold but cannot afford scheme membership. The Council for Medical Schemes has announced that […]

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Moonstone Protector Compliance Service

The dilemma facing financial services practices who are not obliged to appoint a compliance officer were highlighted recently by a rather frantic call from a one-person FSP after being informed by the FSB of a proposed on-site visit. The increasing demand on such FSPs to comply with regulatory demands, including keeping up to date with […]

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