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RE Exams Pass Rates

Seldom has one seen such disparate views on a matter of national interest as those expressed on the 2013 matric results.
While the government sang its own praises based on statistical improvements, concerns were raised by others about the bigger picture, and particularly how much value one can place on a certificate when the pass rate for some subjects…

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RE Focus: Why do I keep on failing?

We regularly receive desperate calls for advice from candidates who have repeatedly failed the level 1 regulatory examination.
Perhaps we should start off with the bigger picture – on Tuesday, we heard from the FSB that 86% of key individuals who were obliged to write the regulatory exam by the final cut-off date, attempted to write the exam at…

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RE Results and Certificates

We receive numerous requests on a daily basis for copies of results, or RE1 and RE 5 certificates from candidates who mislaid theirs. You can download this from our website in your own time, at your own convenience, provided, of course, that you wrote with Moonstone. Here is what you do:

Click on the Moonstone FAIS Exam webpage
Click on the second heading:…

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“Services under Supervision” – What does this entail?

The clear indication by the FSB that it has no intention of extending the final date for passing the regulatory examinations has caused quite a flurry in the industry. Coupled with the recently released statistics on the percentage of representatives who still have to write the REs, there is indeed reason for concern. However, we have seen a marked…

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How not to complete your answer sheet

Candidates can save themselves a lot of despair (and money) by paying attention to a few basic rules when they write the exams.
This week, I saw a copy of an answer sheet, suitably amended so no details of the candidate is shown. He or she had coloured in up to three different answers to one single question. The instructions clearly indicate that…

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Afrikaanse REs – Hoeveel geleenthede is daar nog?

Daar is spesifieke datums en tye waarop die regulatoriese eksamens in Afrikaans geskryf kan word. Dit is in ooreenstemming met die skikking wat die FSB en NAIFA bereik het tydens laasgenoemde se hofaansoek aan die einde van Januarie.
Ons het ‘n datumlys spesifiek vir die Afrikaanse eksamens opgetrek. Kliek hier om dit af te laai. Dit is onontbeerlike…

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Future Income Loss to FSB

We received a fair amount of all kinds of calculations, based on the FSB statistics. One that differed from the rest considered the financial impact on the FSB’s income, should the pass rate reflected in the statistics be applied to the total numbers.
Angus writes as follows:
A closer look at the results of the RE exams as per FSB media release reveals…

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Study Material for the Regulatory Examinations

There was a huge upsurge in registrations for the exams, as well as a lot of enquiries about study material.
Some people have no idea where to start, while others complain that there is so much material available, that they do not know where to start.
As an FSB appointed examination body, we are not allowed to endorse any study material or training service…

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RE Deadline dates now official

Board Notice 61 of 2012 formalised the final dates by which registered FSPs have to write the regulatory exams, as well as the final dates for those who write, but do not pass by the first date.
The following table is copied from the Board Notice:


COLUMN TWO(date by which at least one attempt at writing has to be made)

COLUMN THREE (deadline…

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RE: How to prepare workshop

We ran the first workshop in Pinelands yesterday. We had 42 reservations, and 42 people pitched. Wie het gesê Kaapstad is ‘n slaapstad?
One attendee wrote as follows this morning:
Just a quick one to pass on my thanks for the presentation yesterday. It was excellent and well worth the time. David M.
The workshops are held at our permanent exam venues…

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