Stop telling me about the RE's!

A subscriber expressed his irritation with the weekly articles on the regulatory exams.

“Please can you refrain from sending me info on the FSB EXAMS. I AM FULLY AWARE that the exams need to be written and Moonstone MAKES MONEY AND THEREFORE PROMOTES them. The promotion emails never stop and I complained to my compliance consultant on Tuesday about them.

We have a lot of empathy with the sentiments expressed above. As the deadline nears, it is only natural for the agitation and frustration levels to rise.

A substantial number of readers have expressed their gratitude for the information we publish regularly, as communication about the REs is not as freely available from other sources. Regular readers will testify that our articles are mostly of an educational nature, rather than a promotional one.

It is now 09.00 on Monday morning. There are exactly 13 weeks, 4 days and 15 hours left before the final date of 30 June 2012. Should you write before this date, and do not pass, you have until the end of September – but you have to attempt all obligatory exams before the end of June.

This is not a promotion – these are the facts.

A short video clip made by RiskSA TV quotes the following figures from the FSB. As at the end of January, over 53% of all registered representatives and key individuals have registered to write the REs.

February and March saw a record number of registrations, with April registrations down slightly as a result of the many public holidays. May and June are bound to be bumper months, with the available resources expected to be fully utilised.

Candidates can write at any of the examination venues made available by the four RE exam bodies. If you wish to write with Moonstone, please click on the applicable link above.

The RiskSA TV video clip also features interviews with a number of candidates who just wrote the exams. If you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, click here. For the record, I am one of the horses.

There are probably some potential candidates who are bargaining on an extension of the final date, based on their perception of the sheer volume of people who have not yet written. One’s decision in this regard can either be based on fact or assumption.

The latter is a dangerous one, given what is at stake.

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