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The next evolution in financial advice

Fintech solution delivers the next evolution in financial advice to SA

The SuiteBox client engagement and support tool delivers video meeting and digital signing capabilities to financial advisers

Rapid advances in fintech provide a host of solutions that streamline the delivery of financial advice, while driving customer engagement, enhancing productivity, minimising costs and ensuring workflow-embedded risk management and compliance.

Among the most exciting of these fintech solutions is SuiteBox. SuiteBox allows advisers and their clients to meet and discuss financial solutions, whether document or web based, virtually, as if in the same room. Contracts and agreements can further be signed online with digital identity certification adding a layer of validity to the transaction process.

Virtual Meetings

The use of virtual meetings is growing rapidly worldwide. Global fintech conference company Finovate recently named virtual meetings as a ‘top trend in wealth management technology’ for 2017 and predicted virtual meetings would become a key strategy for wealth managers to deliver advice to clients in the most convenient, most efficient and engaging way possible.

“Over time, and as clients become more online savvy, digital meetings are forecast to make up more than 50% of engagement with clients,” comments Ian Dunbar, CEO of SuiteBox. “This is good news for financial advisers. Surveys continue to tell us that clients prefer meeting personally with their professional advisers, which is often costly and inconvenient. Virtual meeting rooms allow personal client interactions via video, anywhere, anytime, while also eliminating the costs, time and hassles of travelling and replacing impersonal exchanges such as email and telephone calls.”

Digital Signing

SuiteBox allows participants to complete and sign forms during a virtual session, a new standard in meeting functionality. An adviser can therefore digitally present a statement of advice to a client and then capture the authority to proceed as part of a single conversation.

Simultaneously, the advice and the signature processes are recorded which provides further validity of the information communicated and agreed. Video recordings, stored in the cloud with managed and secure access for both adviser and client, serve as a record of advice for compliance purposes and a reference for any future dispute resolution. Expanded cloud storage allows all documents and recordings to be stored in a meeting room or single client engagement point.

SuiteBox also integrates with various CRMs, allowing advisers to launch video meetings and save documents and videos directly from and to these platforms. These integrations deliver quick, easy and simple processes that help eliminate frustration and delays and give financial advisers a competitive edge when proposing and scheduling meetings with clients.

Giving financial advisers an edge

“The combination of virtual but personal meetings and digital signing capacity puts SuiteBox at the leading edge of digital workflows for professional services,” says Hjalmar Bekker, Director of Moonstone Information Refinery, SuiteBox distributor for Africa.

The unique SuiteBox digital workspace for advisers was recently launched locally in partnership with Moonstone, which has acquired a 10% equity shareholding in SuiteBox, Australia.

“It is exciting to see more businesses adopt digital technologies and software aimed at achieving greater efficiencies and delivering greater transparency to their clients in the advice and investment process. Not only can technology like SuiteBox improve and enhance client/adviser interaction, engagement and capacity, it does so with adherence to the highest standards of compliance, record keeping and cost effectiveness. Importantly, it will free up the adviser to focus on delivering a quality advice experience to his or her clients,” adds Bekker.

“Fintech solutions, such as SuiteBox, provide advisers with viable and flexible alternatives to the more traditional ways of working,” says Neil Summers, Sales Manager at Moonstone. “They give financial advisers an easy, effective way to embrace and benefit from new technology now, rather than having change forced onto their businesses and their clients in the future.  Link those to the substantial savings guaranteed by the implementation of such technologies and you have a compelling business case to do things differently.”

About SuiteBox

SuiteBox transforms customer engagement with intuitive video, document collaboration, selective recording and real-time digital signing, helping professional advisers to accelerate and close business using the full power of mobile and desktop devices. It can be white labelled and seamlessly integrated with a core CRM or banking platform. SuiteBox is available via monthly subscription and is delivered via the cloud. It requires no technical expertise to use. Visit for more information.

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