Softfin Financial Planning Software

Experience taught us that a low-cost offer should be treated with suspicion and a no-cost one with even greater circumspection. There are exceptions, though.

Softbyte Computers announced last week that Moonstone subscribers can now access SoftFin financial planning software at no cost for a whole year.

“With no ties to any financial institution or organisation, SoftFin gives consultants exactly what they want. Menu options include access to multi-media videos on tax and investment planning. SoftFin also offers simple, compliant, Needs Analyses with a full database for storing everything. Download and install SoftFin right now with no obligation. The worst thing that could happen is that one of SoftFin’s useful calculators saves you time or makes you money. There are no up-front costs and no annual license fee for the first year. You do not even have to register.”

Click here to download and install SoftFin.

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