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SA’s new debit order system from 1 May

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) will introduce the Authenticated Collections (AC)/DebiCheck project from 1 May 2021 as part of its modernisation of the national payment system (NPS).

According to SARB, this project is a first of its kind that seeks to address the increasing levels of abuse in the debit order payment system, known commercially as the early debit order (EDO) payment system.

“Before 1 May 2021, consumers would provide a mandate to a company or user to collect money from their bank account. In the new AC/DebiCheck payment system, consumers will provide authorisation to their bank, by way of an authenticated mandate, to release the funds from their account when a debit order is submitted by a company or user from whom they bought goods or contracted for a service.”

“From 1 May 2021, all new and renegotiated EDO mandates will be originated in the AC/DebiCheck payment system and not in the current EDO payment system. Early debit orders will only be processed through the AC/DebiCheck payment system, while normal debit orders will still be processed later in the day as per current arrangements.”

Click here to download the SARB media release.

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