Performance tool for IFAs in retail investment sector

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Building on its Institutional Manager Watch series of surveys, Alexforbes has launched a retail multi-asset class survey called Retail Manager Watch.

Published monthly, the new retail multi-asset class survey aims to provide comprehensive and up-to-date performance data.

Don Andrews, the head of the Alexforbes investment survey, said the goal is to deliver ongoing insights to independent financial advisers (IFAs) and investors in the retail investment sector.

“We are confident that this new initiative will be a valuable resource for the investment and financial advice community, continuing our legacy of excellence and commitment to investment research,” Andrews said.

The Retail Manager Watch surveys are divided into two sections. The first section includes portfolios with a performance history of up to seven years, while the second section covers portfolios with a performance record of 10 years or more.

The March 2024 retail multi-asset class survey features 21 asset managers, represented by 43 portfolios, reflecting a broad and diverse range of investment strategies and approaches.

“This coverage ensures the survey provides a detailed analysis of the retail multi-asset class investment landscape,” Alexforbes said.

Survey categories

The survey is segmented into three distinct categories: low equity, medium equity, and high equity. These categories, aligned with the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) guidelines, offer a granular view of performance and risk statistics, allowing IFAs and investors to make informed decisions based on their chosen risk tolerance and investment objectives.

This low-equity category includes portfolios with lower exposure to equities, offering more stable returns with reduced volatility. Alexforbes states it is designed for conservative investors seeking steady growth and lower risk.

Balancing risk and reward, the medium-equity category includes portfolios that maintain a moderate level of equity exposure. These portfolios aim to provide reasonable returns while managing risk, catering to investors with a balanced risk appetite.

For those with a higher risk tolerance, the high-equity category consists of portfolios with substantial equity exposure.

“These portfolios have the potential for higher returns but come with increased volatility, suitable for investors looking for significant growth over the long term,” states Alexforbes

The total assets under management represented in the March 2024 retail multi-asset class survey amount to R574 billion.

According to Alexforbes, this market presence underscores the importance of the retail surveys because they encompass a sizeable portion of the investment market.

“IFAs and investors can rely on this data to gain insights into market trends, performance benchmarks, and investment opportunities.”

Additional surveys – including Bond, Equity, Money Market, and Property – are planned for publication in July.

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