National Wills Week – Increasing need for cross-border estate planning

As we observe National Wills Week this week, it is a good time to consider how cross-border estate planning is factored in – especially for wealthier South Africans who are increasingly looking to diversify offshore. Bertie Nel, Head of Financial Planning and Advice at Momentum Consult says that there are a number of important things for investors to understand when the time comes to plan their wills – from taxes and existing estate laws, to how assets must be divided among beneficiaries.

“In the event that individuals set up international trusts as part of their estate planning, this becomes an even more complex matter, since the legal frameworks of multiple jurisdictions need to be taken into account,” says Nel.

In a recent media release, Nel sets out what clients and their advisers should be discussing when it comes to utilising offshore structures to secure estates. Click here to read more.

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