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National Credit Regulator Fee Guideline

We published an article on 16 November 2017 titled Insurer Obligations re Credit Reports which dealt with the National Credit Regulator’s (NCR) guideline for the submission of credit information and indicated that a fee structure would be published in December 2017.

NCR have now published its fee guideline and schedules relating to the above for comment.

The Fee Guideline is of specific significance to Category 1 to 5 Credit Providers (where the total principal debt is equal to or greater than R5 million) as these credit providers are required to be onboarded at the South African Credit and Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA) by 30 November 2018. All other categories of credit providers (where the total principal debt is less than R5 million), will only commence with the SACRRA onboarding process in 2019.

Please note that all interested parties have 30 days from 12 January 2018 to provide the NCR with their comments on the guideline, by emailing it to

The proposed onboarding fees are as follows:

Credit provider category Proposed fee
1 R37 000
2 R35 000
3 R33 000
4 R33 000
5 R10 000

The NCR advised that the annual maintenance fees will be published during December 2018.

Please click here to download a copy of the Fee Guideline.

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