Congratulations to MBSE’s top Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning students

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The three top achievers in Moonstone Business School of Excellence’s Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning (ACFP) qualification have their sights set on studying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning and then obtaining the coveted Certified Financial Planner designation.

For Etienne Janse van Rensburg, being placed among the top three ACFP students of 2022 marks his second consecutive year of academic achievement with MBSE. Janse van Rensburg was among the top three students in the Higher Certificate in Wealth Management (HCWM) in 2021.

Janse van Rensburg is an independent financial adviser with a focus on employee benefits, although he also does health care and individual financial planning.

Rigardt Maartens, a stockbroker and portfolio manager who has been a financial planner for the past three years, also did the HCWM with MBSE.

Maartens says the main reason he did the ACFP was to get a better idea of how the theoretical side of financial planning would improve his overall knowledge and understanding of the industry.

“I’ve learned that the theoretical part of financial planning is key. It gives you the ability to do an in-depth analysis of a client’s needs and goals, taking into account all the necessary steps and processes.”

The third top student, Tanja Ehmke, also sees the ACFP as a stepping-stone to the CFP. Ehmke, who has been an independent financial adviser for 22 years, did her HCWM with another institution.

Both Janse van Rensburg and Maartens plan to embark on the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning with MBSE this year.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning is an NQF 8 qualification, while the ACFP is NQF 6. MBSE does not offer an NQF 7 qualification. To proceed to the Postgraduate Diploma, students with an NQF 6 qualification can complete a Recognition of Prior Learning with MBSE.

MBSE congratulates our top ACFP students on their achievement and wishes them well with their careers and their future studies.

Applications for the first-semester intake for the ACFP close on Monday, 30 January. Click here for more information and to apply.

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  1. Well done to all three of these students! I know and appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into achieving these outstanding results.

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