Assistance with Licensing Requirements

In all endings, there is always a beginning.

On 30 June, we submitted the last of our licence applications to the FSB as a “recognised licensing body”. This status was afforded to us in 2004 when the big rush was on to get every FSP in the country registered with the FSB.

The good news is that the Moonstone Licencing division, with most members from those early days still in our midst, can now offer their experience to licence applicants, both in terms of licence category 1 and II.

Val Davel, a Moonstone Compliance Officer, responded to the news of our new status as follows:

From my experience, I would like to personally congratulate Louise (and in the old days it included Suzette) and the licensing team on a job well done. Having been an analyst at the FSB’s FAIS Department when licensing commenced, I always tried to deal with as many of the Moonstone applications as possible. They were always accurate and complete and very seldom did I have to revert to Moonstone for additional information.

To find out how they can help you, please visit our website.

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