Level 2 REs and Qualifications

The article in last week’s Moonstone Monitor on training related matters elicited quite a response from people who require assistance with planning their future training obligations.

We mentioned in the article that Board Notice 64 of 2009 was the last update on recognised qualifications. A reader, who obviously studied hard for the regulatory exams, pointed out that Board Notice 44 of 2010 was in fact the latest update. My apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please click on the link above, then look under “FSB Board Notices” to download BN 44.

Although this was the last update, more qualifications were added to the list since then. The industry eagerly awaits the most up to date information, just as we await details of the level 2 RE rollout. Few would want to write an exam if they already have the qualifications that will exempt them from having to write.

We added links to the available training options on our website. We also provide various options on how you can approach training in a manner best suited to your requirements – distance learning or classroom training.

By way of example: a very common enquiry comes from people wishing to enter the motor trade. The National Certificate in Retail Insurance addresses their needs very specifically.

Please address any queries to Albert or Ronel, or phone them on 021 883 8000.

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