A special word of thanks to our faithful following.

The team takes a break this week. Our sincere thanks to the many readers who broke the mould and joined us on the blog. Dit was toe glad nie so erg nie, was dit?

A special word of thanks to those who regularly added spice to the debate with their contributions. Very often, our enthusiasm was tempered by the logic of our readers.

Alex Bax would provide factual proof that the referees were not, in fact, one step away from buying a white cane. Tony Calitz, (would hate to have him as my compliance officer) with his attention to detail, who helped keep the facts straight. Brian’s dry wit helped us to swallow defeat a little easier.

There are so many others who made this forum something to look forward to, that I cannot mention all. Please know that your input was, and is, sincerely appreciated.

From us, warm wishes for a splendid holiday period. May you come back, well rested, for another round in 2013. En dit geld sommer veral ook vir die Springbokke.

Of jy weggaan, of tuis bly, geniet elke oomblik. Ons sien baie uit daarna om volgende jaar weer lekker saam te kuier.

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