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Where do I get my results?

We are currently inundated with enquiries from candidates about their results. Please follow the advice below to help us help you in the quickest possible way.

Please do not enquire a day or two after you have written. If you have not heard from us two weeks after you wrote, it is quite possible that there is a problem. We would appreciate hearing from you then.

Results are sent to candidates via e-mail. There are mainly two reasons why results do not reach candidates: an incorrect e-mail address, or because the results landed up in your junk mail folder.

Your first step is therefore to check this folder.

If it is not there, please forward a copy of your ID or passport, together with your e-mail address, to, requesting your results.

If your e-mail address changes between the time of registration and the time of writing, please inform us by following the above guideline.

We understand the anxiety associated with awaiting results, and will treat this as a priority. By following the above rules, you will avoid unnecessary stress.


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